About Thru Media

Every story contains the world.

THRU Media is a low-key passion project for new media. It was created in 2015 as an online magazine focused on arts, creative content, and social commentary. The steam for publishing ran low while company founders Sean Ongley and Kathleen Dolan converted a small atrium into an art gallery, leading into a rough basement that was converted into a multimedia studio.

Now, the function of physical space takes dominance over digital space. What kind of creative community can develop in a place? As locality is no longer integral to community, how does it come together, organically? And what sort of content will come of it?


To publish content that reflects the world through relationship, wield the power of media to fill social-economic gaps, enhance participation in the arts, and to offer new creative opportunities.


THRU began in 2015 from the intellectual matter of several people collaborating on a blog. Arts reviews associated with a defunct non-profit (InterArts) merged with the Sean Ongley’s personal blog and podcast, Horizon at End Times. After fumbling with a few different names, THRU was suggested by Kathleen Dolan. We felt that it expressed the subjectivity of our voice. With modest crowdsourcing, the first year of baseline expenses were secured with the product of a magazine in mind. The effort continues to evolve amidst challenges to the publishing industry.

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