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Birds Eating Birds

Death as Concept, Death as Survival, Death as Distant Reality. The first time I became aware of the concept of death was from the tag on a hair dryer. “Warn children about the danger of death from electrocution,” it read, under a cute rendering of a bathtub with lightning bolts all around it. As long-haired […]

War & Peace

Homs, The Syrian Revolution, and the Icon

Abdel Basset Sarout breaks from silence to tell his side of the Syrian Civil War. Something that bothers me deeply about the western world is our relationship with Syrians. We have a real lack of awareness for the actual conflict happening there. Even now, all people are aware of the Syrian refugees whereas few understand the […]

Conspiracy War & Peace

Ahead of 9-11 Anniversary, Firefighters Retell the Story

The controlled demolition model solves many riddles about the World Trade Center collapse. Sitting in the middle of Lincoln Hall on Saturday, to my right was my partner, Kate, and to my left was a new friend, John. Both of them are East Coast natives, born and raised in New York State, just a short […]

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Featured Image by Keylay Tukor Syria takes the heat for the cold war Western nations largely support regime change in Syria but haven’t the will to do it. That is understandable because Iraq, Afghanistan, and more recently, Libya have all turned out disastrous, following Western-sponsored regime change. Each mission has contributed to the illicit proliferation […]

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Doctors on the Edge of Syria

50 Feet From Syria at the heart of civil war In April of 2011, the Syrian Civil War began after months of peaceful protest against the Assad Family and the dictatorship of his Ba’ath Party. Syrians were united in a widespread call for democratization across the Arab nations. The Syrian government responded not with reform but […]