Colonialism, Spinsters, and Hillsboro

Bag&Baggage stakes its place in Hillsboro history Last Friday night, I finally accepted the curtain call from theatre company Bag&Baggage to review one of their productions. The Drowning Girls just happened to [See More]

We’ve Been Trumped

Mike Daisey deals the Trump card to lift the curse of the white liberal. This review of The Trump Card, performed last Sunday at Newmark Theatre, attempts to build a narrative concerning [See More]

Worst Monday Ever

Portland Experimental Theater Ensemble pushes the manila envelope in Procedures for Saying No. While the Portland Experimental Theater Ensemble (PETE) brings a good amount of anarchy to any topic, it’s clearly carried [See More]

Faced With Need

West Coast Debut of the “Grand Concourse” brings Northwesterner Heidi Schrek’s  Story of Identity Crisis Home. A nun in a Bronx soup kitchen struggles with her faith, as a spunky teenager turns [See More]

In Isolation, We Change Together

The Few opens up a compelling love story in a forgotten setting. It was such a passing fancy around the year 2000 that we have already forgotten about it. I’m talking about the [See More]

Characters in the Flesh

Jewish Theatre Collaborative lifts “Davita’s Harp” from the page to the stage at Milagro Theatre. “This is a strange story. It doesn’t have an ending. Are you listening?” Walking into the intimate [See More]