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The Cold War of Fake News

Russia: Still typecast as the anti-U.S. bogey man As Wikileaks churned out emails over the last year from Hillary Clinton’s private server, the Democratic National Committee, and John Podesta’s personal Gmail, attempts to discredit the content were waged by U.S. officials, journalists, and politicians. Julian Assange observes an effort to conflate leaks with hacks, muddying up details, and he […]

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The Media Created Trump and His Voters

Liberals ensured that he would win. I called it for Trump months ago — they said I was wrong. Like Hillary’s foreign policy of pouring bombs over burning countries, she attempted to counter Trump’s hate-filled campaign with a kind of liberal offensive. All the accusations of sexual assault, racism, and general idiocy against him and […]

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We’ve Been Trumped

Mike Daisey deals the Trump card to lift the curse of the white liberal. This review of The Trump Card, performed last Sunday at Newmark Theatre, attempts to build a narrative concerning the artist in connection to his subject while conveying an editorial that threads it all together. It will contain story spoilers. Do not […]

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Vote for Whoever the F%k You Want To.

It’s time to change the system at the root. Seems like this election year, the people are more obsessed than ever with their presidential candidate. More than that, the tone is panic, induced by the possibility of the other being elected. Everyone on Facebook has become a political pundit. Seems like everywhere I turn, someone is […]

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I Want to Make Media that Matters

19 years of social media usage from one elder Millennial At the age of 15, I was desperate for a means of connection beyond the subdivision inside suburban north Tucson. This was 1997. I learned about ICQ, something that I now regard as the skeleton of modern social media. It was basically just a chat […]