The Cold War of Fake News

Russia: Still typecast as the anti-U.S. bogey man As Wikileaks churned out emails over the last year from Hillary Clinton’s private server, the Democratic National Committee, and John Podesta’s personal Gmail, attempts [See More]

We’ve Been Trumped

Mike Daisey deals the Trump card to lift the curse of the white liberal. This review of The Trump Card, performed last Sunday at Newmark Theatre, attempts to build a narrative concerning [See More]

Democracy Compromised

How voters can weaken democratic values. Ballots were turned in on Tuesday for Oregon’s primary election. Portland Mayor, Oregon Governor, and United States President were all polled. Bernie Sanders won Oregon, all but [See More]

A Step After Bernie

Super Tuesday is meaningless if we can’t take one step forward. I recently unsubscribed from the Bernie Sanders email list. The incessant need for contributions was annoying. I realize all campaigns are [See More]