What I See in Thawed City Streets

Written as an account of an actual walk through the streets of Portland this January 9, after a single day of non-freezing snow-melting weather — one of Portland’s iciest weeks on record. [See More]

Community Supported Chicken

A Look into the Modern Farmer’s Movement Baked, fried, BBQ’d, on a stick, simmering in lemon and garlic: I love chicken. I love chicken in soup, Pad Thai, enchiladas, and cold for [See More]

Birds Eating Birds

Death as Concept, Death as Survival, Death as Distant Reality. The first time I became aware of the concept of death was from the tag on a hair dryer. “Warn children about [See More]

Too Much To Handle

Featured image is “Reading Woman with Parasol” (1921) Henri Matisse (cropped to format) “Do you still want to be famous?” That’s my ex, Ben. He texts me sometimes on weekday mornings while [See More]

Juliet’s Flash Dance

The first time I met Juliet she was wearing a tutu and a gorilla mask that covered her face entirely. She had wandered over to my campsite, drawn there by the heady smell [See More]

Magic 8 Ball

I lost my virginity late one night while Moonbeam was gone away at the bar. She bought us a six pack of Corona from the 7-11 and we’d finished most of it. [See More]

Inside the Red Doors

The 5th Annual Oak Street Art Show offers celebration and a much-needed dose of inspiration for one young man. It was sometime in the winter of 2013 that I found myself caught in a [See More]


The Final Installment of “The Man I Never Met” Chapter 2 – Cont. I never did like big crowds, I said to Walter, but I still couldn’t shake him. Bruce Walter was [See More]