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The First Weirdo I Met in Oregon

Getting to know a friend through her art: A look at Mary Aday a.k.a Mefore Aday, THRU Gallery’s Debut Art Exhibit When Mary Aday first moved to Portland from the South in 2005, a few of her new classmates at Oregon College of Art and Craft would ask her to repeat: Bright. White. Light. In […]

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What I See in Thawed City Streets

Written as an account of an actual walk through the streets of Portland this January 9, after a single day of non-freezing snow-melting weather — one of Portland’s iciest weeks on record. Portland is back to usual tonight. The rain is steady and the smell of donuts moves like an invisible steam through the streets. […]

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Community Supported Chicken

A Look into the Modern Farmer’s Movement Baked, fried, BBQ’d, on a stick, simmering in lemon and garlic: I love chicken. I love chicken in soup, Pad Thai, enchiladas, and cold for breakfast. Until recently however, I honestly could not tell you where it came from. How does it end up in the freezer? Somewhere along […]

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Birds Eating Birds

Death as Concept, Death as Survival, Death as Distant Reality. The first time I became aware of the concept of death was from the tag on a hair dryer. “Warn children about the danger of death from electrocution,” it read, under a cute rendering of a bathtub with lightning bolts all around it. As long-haired […]


Too Much To Handle

Featured image is “Reading Woman with Parasol” (1921) Henri Matisse (cropped to format) “Do you still want to be famous?” That’s my ex, Ben. He texts me sometimes on weekday mornings while sitting in class at the Ohio State University. When Ben is at home or it’s the weekend I never hear from him because […]