Birds Eating Birds

Death as Concept, Death as Survival, Death as Distant Reality. The first time I became aware of the concept of death was from the tag on a hair dryer. “Warn children about [See More]

Furrows of Worry

How we trade truth for belief for money Home is where the heart is, so you’re never really homeless. This cliche might be mustered up by some average passerby, one whose heart [See More]

On Being in Economics

Featured Image by Jax Ko A Philosophical Foundation for the Critique of Capitalism Everything in the world that is bought and sold using currency can be defined by its market in the [See More]

Going Clear For Real

How I Grew Up Without Scientology “Do you see the table?” I nod yes. “Touch the table.” And I touch it. “Do you see the wall?” I nod yes. “Touch the wall.” [See More]