Immersed in Movement in Movies

SubRosa Dance Collective in promo image for Living the Room. Movement and Flow offers six Portland dance films worth seeing. Tonight at Whitsell Auditorium, Northwest Film Center shall put on a concert of [See More]

The Body Can Get You Out of Your Head

I dropped in for the “sneak peek” preview night for Interlude, “Unleashed and Unexpected.” Tonight and tomorrow afternoon, PDX Contemporary Ballet is presenting the work of six choreographers at Coho theatre in Northwest [See More]

Bolero + the Rising Tide

NW Dance Project opens its 13th season on a high note with Bolero + Three world premieres opened NW Dance Project’s 13th season last night at Lincoln Hall and the stage transformed [See More]

Found in Time

Linda Austin is “a head of time” in new, ongoing work. Don’t think too much. About the past, or what the bundles of colorful extension cords on the floor mean, or how [See More]

Ready, A.I.M., Don’t Shoot

Kyle Abraham brings Black Lives Matter to the center stage in a provocative performance on racial violence. I’m sitting in front of my computer screen, hunched and tired and frustrated. I’m re-watching the [See More]

The Capacity To Soar Above

A couple of hours after experiencing Hervé Koubi’s choreographed defiance of neat and sterilized political boundaries, What The Day Owes To The Night continues to spin in my head and ripple throughout [See More]

High School Dance

Northwest Dance Project is Young Again, on the East Side. For fans of the company, the annual winter show, In Good Company, is looked forward to, all year round. Their new inner [See More]