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Brief History of a Magazine Reflected in “Salon”

Death and the First of Spring Sitting at a family dining table on this first day of Spring, 2018, with the nourishing Tucson sun at my back, recalling the December night when THRU Media opened and shuttered its doors to the public for the last time, a belated post is published at THRU, and so ends my […]

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Improvisation Summit of Portland Photo Journal

New worlds of improvised form were showcased at Creative Music Guild’s fifth annual ISP. In the spirit of this festival, the following was developed in an improvisational manner. As the event progressed, I posted photos and thoughts that were gradually edited, revised, and distilled — when I was able to rouse myself back up. Two nights and one full […]

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Found in Time

Linda Austin is “a head of time” in new, ongoing work. Don’t think too much. About the past, or what the bundles of colorful extension cords on the floor mean, or how flexible you’ll be at age 62. Don’t ask if you’ll even make it to 62. At “A head of time” you’ll be transported into another’s […]


Snakes Talk as Ghosts Walk

Allie Hankins curates a night of provocative humor in double bill: Ghosts and Snake Talk. Last Friday night at Performance Works Northwest, artists from Berlin, Ireland, and Oakland coalesced into a cohesive unit, despite having little to do with each other. Although their work was developed independently, it was as if specific guidelines were offered […]

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Behind the Party for All the Thoughts I Didn’t Say

Samantha Shay, artistic director of Source Material Collective, provides a look into her recently revamped presentation of I Should Have a Party for All the Thoughts I Didn’t Say, at The Old Church, Portland, Oregon. Her insight about the work narrates exclusive rehearsal video, offering an immersive look into the interdisciplinary performance. This performance runs […]