Found in Time

Linda Austin is “a head of time” in new, ongoing work. Don’t think too much. About the past, or what the bundles of colorful extension cords on the floor mean, or how [See More]

Snakes Talk as Ghosts Walk

Allie Hankins curates a night of provocative humor in double bill: Ghosts and Snake Talk. Last Friday night at Performance Works Northwest, artists from Berlin, Ireland, and Oakland coalesced into a cohesive [See More]

Her Desperate Prayer

Source Material offers Nini Julia Bang upon migration to Portland The Headwaters Theatre is not a large venue, but when you remove the seats it is obviously smaller. For A Thousand Tongues, [See More]

Chamber of Secrets

it’s really hard :: Alembic Artists Showcase It’s the same damp walk every time to Performance Works NW. I’ve only attended three performances here and yet somehow it rained each time. Maybe it’s [See More]

Beneath All of the Layers, More Layers

Dear Armen is   a theatre of selves told through dance It is obscure and difficult researching the life and work of Armen Ohanian, an Armenian performer, and of Sophia Pirboudaghian (Armen’s birth [See More]