Immersed in Movement in Movies

SubRosa Dance Collective in promo image for Living the Room. Movement and Flow offers six Portland dance films worth seeing. Tonight at Whitsell Auditorium, Northwest Film Center shall put on a concert of [See More]

Torrey Pines Makes a Great Road Trip Companion

Remember the nineties by getting to know Clyde Peterson. Portland’s screening of Torrey Pines will be special for you if you choose to go. And why not? It’s a Monday night! Presented [See More]

How To Capture a Hemisphere

World Wide Wall tells the story of the Portland Mercado Mural. In the fall of 2014, two artists were chosen by Hacienda CDC to collaborate and represent Southeast Portland’s brand new mercado as a haven for [See More]

Meet The Moken

A documentary about the Moken people is a tale of love found at sea. Sailing A Sinking Sea begins with the tale of a princess living on the islands of the Andaman [See More]

What Sahrawi Sounds and Looks Like

The first of two documentaries presented by Sublime Frequencies on Sunday night at the Hollywood Theatre was Palace of the Winds, Hisham Mayet’s field recordings of the people, landscapes and music of [See More]

The Instruction of Evil

Hannah Arendt and the cold behavior of ideology. Today opens the Portland Jewish Film Festival, presented by Northwest Film Center. Over the next two weeks, 15 films will screen from directors across [See More]

A Tourist’s Point of View

The visual diaries of Wim Wenders concludes “Portraits Along the Road.” Concluding Northwest Film Center’s Wim Wenders retrospective are some of the German director’s far lesser-known works, many of which are documentaries. I [See More]