When I Was Wild and Other Poems

Image by Pok Rie Ocean Home Living on the ocean as I do, I hunt fish and mollusks my kin are otters and whales, wide eyed we dive the night waves, soft [See More]

Treat Her Well

Never let those Vans dull. Bromance exists in a half second hug. Avoid the Hollister kids in their shiny rides earned solely from parents’ paychecks. Try to finish high school. Strive for [See More]

A Shattered Green Color

A Shattered Green Color What hangs from my eyes as I look down? Crystal pendulums spinning in the sunlight’s rays. Maybe they spin in fear of something new being on the other [See More]

The Trailing Stars & Other Poems

The Trailing Stars It is summer, and soon the Perseid showers I have gone from my desert home I wander far from crowded towns my feet here in grassy, bee clover on [See More]

To Behold The Witch is an Act of Dreaming Itself

Featured Image  by Stephanie Leet. Title  from Amanda Ackerman’s The Book of Feral Flora. I’m swimming in a horse’s eye as it is being carried to school In pieces, in a wheelbarrow Where [See More]

Night Return and Other Poems

Poems by Anthony Ritchey night return television mother (goodnight my son) wife bottle brother (first & last lovers) * * * allow me to be with you in this box in my [See More]

Letters to Marshall From Eger

A Poem by Arlo Voorhees It’s a world of sacrifice, ain’t it buddy? Of course you knew that when you hung up your traveling sneakers and shelved your wild notebooks in favor [See More]


I am everywhere I am sitting on your head I am raining on your home I don’t even try I shower but I smell I keep mum but I shout I chipper [See More]


Celebrating National Poetry Month, Thru Magazine will publish poems every Friday in April. Commencing the commemoration of the  is Jen Scholten. Prerequithoughts: an ongoing, ever-expanding collection of poems. I. Pipe dreams — [See More]