The Race to Obamney

Is there any aspect of this race for President that really demonstrates we’re about to see a big change in our country? If President Obama is reelected or Mitt Romney gains the hot seat, do you expect major policy changes? And what is behind our obsession with that man we call President? Ironically, we do […]


Hacking Bad

A few months ago, I watched a television program on Netflix and it had me obsessed, completely. I began to relate to the characters, sympathize and worry about them. This is unusual for me, so I knew I had found a special show. But it got me thinking, since I’m hoping to get a base […]

Political Economy

American Family Values

Today, my Father was fired from is thirteen year position as Claims Adjuster for American Family Insurance, based in Phoenix, AZ. He has twenty-three years experience in claims. He even managed a small office in Tucson. His characteristic even mood and thorough manner of talking with people did not match up with the hasty, superficial, […]