THRU Media welcomes everyone to share the mission of presenting honest, compelling journalism to a local-global audience. We’re jumping into an industry under upheaval, so our advertising plan is quite specific. No advertising is allowed on the pages of this site. Your brand can be mentioned and credited in productions like podcasts, live music events, and documentaries. We love direct trade for equipment needed for production, as well. Cameras, microphones, projectors, lighting, studio equipment, and so forth. The form below may be used toward your inquiry — no payment necessary.

We also ambition to host thematic websites that do offer ad space, starting with ArtsHappening.com. We don’t cheapen the value of the space with AdWords, which means your ad will be hosted on site, so your brand will stand out and break through ad-blocker software. This page will be updated when advertising is available at Arts Happening.

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