Our Studio

A MultiMedia Production and Presentation Space

Versatility is the key to making our headquarters a jackknife media studio, offering a high standard for low-budget production. We carefully designed a 400 square foot basement into a functional studio where all kinds of media can be produced or presented. Our 6-foot wide projection screen doubles as sound baffling in a corner that can be used as a staging area. The editors desk may fit several keyboards or additional outboard gear for comprehensive music production.

  • Audio and video editing suite with 5.1 surround mixing option
  • Full HD screening room with immersive surround audio
  • Quiet sound-treated environment for controlled audio recording
  • Light-free space for controlled video recording and photography

Consider our studio for that part of the project you can’t do at home, or would rather not. Go to a bigger studio for the crucial aspects of your project, then cut your budget in half by finishing off here. Hold a private screening of your new film for friends and investors. Including our amenities in the full building, we can even offer a dressing room for hair and makeup, a full bar and restaurant, a board room, and more.