Thrupoint Podcast

Yocto Theatre on the First Thrupoint Podcast

Join Yocto Theatre founders Mary Rose and Sean Bowie for the inaugural Thrupoint Podcast, formerly known as Horizon at End Times. We talk about their latest work Free Box, and a little about their past work and influences, but the conversation evolves into an inquiry about social cohesion, economic justice, and the role of arts […]

Dance Festival Theatre

In a Nutshell: 16 Fertile Ground Festival Acts in Audio

Pieter Breugel’s Hunters in the Snow¬†(1565), on which the performance, Sisters in the Snow, is based. All text written by Kathleen Dolan. Listen to the artists talk about their work at Fertile Ground 2017. The Fertile Ground Festival is back for its 7th year, presenting new works that run the theatre gamut: circus arts, staged […]

Festival Interdisciplinary

Two Breakthrough Shows by Two Homegrown Artists

One-man and one-woman shows demonstrate polarity at the Fertile Ground festival. My old steel bike frame heavily hoisted upon my shoulders, its old scarred body being carried like a damsel across the stream, I traversed the dozens of railroad tracks jutting across paved-over-wetlands on a January night, staring across that endless portal of industry, The […]