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Brief History of a Magazine Reflected in “Salon”

Death and the First of Spring Sitting at a family dining table on this first day of Spring, 2018, with the nourishing Tucson sun at my back, recalling the December night when THRU Media opened and shuttered its doors to the public for the last time, a belated post is published at THRU, and so ends my […]

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How To Capture a Hemisphere

World Wide Wall tells the story of the Portland Mercado Mural. In the fall of 2014, two artists were chosen by Hacienda CDC to collaborate and represent Southeast Portland’s brand new mercado as a haven for Latin American culture in Portland. This original THRU documentary tells how the mural at Portland Mercado was created by artists Pablo Solares and Rachel Oleson. Nobody […]


The International Reach of Local Artists at Portland Mercado Mural

Rachel Oleson and Pablo Solares Join Up in First Time Collaboration. A rainbow-colored fleet of brand-new food trucks has been parked in a row at a new parking lot on 72nd and Foster for the past several months. The new building on the same lot continues the bright color scheme, its exterior walls painted orange, […]