Philosophy Political Economy

On Being in Economics

Featured Image by Jax Ko A Philosophical Foundation for the Critique of Capitalism Everything in the world that is bought and sold using currency can be defined by its market in the economy. Every aspect of life is commodified for the marketplace, from drinking water to wiping our ass. How we sleep, what we eat, […]


Global Politics and Questioning Moral Standards

A Review of The Invisible Hand¬† Truthfully, the world of economics and global politics have yet to become a genuine interest in my so far short life. ¬†These subjects, for whatever reason, do not really piqued my curiosity in any sort of visceral or intellectual fashion, and could never be associated with my all-too-common response […]

Conspiracy War & Peace

It Was Never About Oil

Even when gathered with tens of thousands of folks in Los Angeles, along with Slash, Jackson Browne, and Martin Sheen, chanting “No Blood For Oil! Not In Our Name!” there was something unnerving about that assumption. And in the ten years since that time, I have chipped away at the veil of misinformation that has […]

Literature and Spoken Word Political Economy

Democracy > Capitalism > Internet < Hope

You will never hear me utter the phrase, “I couldn’t agree more,” because nothing is entirely agreeable. The title to this book seems disagreeable for many, especially at first. Digital Disconnect: How Capitalism is Turning the Internet Against Democracy, does not read as some absurdly unsupported rant. Indeed, nothing can be more agreeable than the […]