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Brief History of a Magazine Reflected in “Salon”

Death and the First of Spring Sitting at a family dining table on this first day of Spring, 2018, with the nourishing Tucson sun at my back, recalling the December night when THRU Media opened and shuttered its doors to the public for the last time, a belated post is published at THRU, and so ends my […]

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Mefore Aday Exhibit March 2017

Mefore Aday opened the new THRU Gallery last March Washington-based artist Mary Aday changed her first name to represent her mission as an artist. The work she puts out reflects an unusual perspective, putting you in her shoes in a way. She sees the grotesque in reality but never without humor and innocence. She grew up […]

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The First Weirdo I Met in Oregon

Getting to know a friend through her art: A look at Mary Aday a.k.a Mefore Aday, THRU Gallery’s Debut Art Exhibit When Mary Aday first moved to Portland from the South in 2005, a few of her new classmates at Oregon College of Art and Craft would ask her to repeat: Bright. White. Light. In […]

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Urban American Gothic

By Mefore Aday, Pacific City, OR This is a painting about how common fear and panic are effortlessly inter-weaved into our society. Our common thread in America is fear. We all fear something as human beings, fear of death is common among all of us. But fear of our protectors/rulers is a bit of a […]