A Step After Bernie

Super Tuesday is meaningless if we can’t take one step forward. I recently unsubscribed from the Bernie Sanders email list. The incessant need for contributions was annoying. I realize all campaigns are [See More]

Can America Be Rich and Peaceful?

Flint, Michigan is a place to practice war because it is poor. The famous documentarian Michael Moore is utilizing his economically depressed hometown of Flint, Michigan to call attention to third world [See More]


Featured Image by Keylay Tukor Syria takes the heat for the cold war Western nations largely support regime change in Syria but haven’t the will to do it. That is understandable because [See More]

A Connected Society Doesn’t Forget

Anyone who is surprised by the doomed attempts of 31 United States governors to block Syrian refugees need not look further than the 1930’s, when American politicians barred Jewish women and children [See More]

Powerless Towns in Fukushima

Nuclear Nation II is a Window into the Lives at Ground Zero. Futaba, a small coastal city in the Fukushima Prefecture of Japan, is where the TEPCO Daiichi nuclear power site failed, [See More]