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Homs, The Syrian Revolution, and the Icon

Abdel Basset Sarout breaks from silence to tell his side of the Syrian Civil War. Something that bothers me deeply about the western world is our relationship with Syrians. We have a real lack of awareness for the actual conflict happening there. Even now, all people are aware of the Syrian refugees whereas few understand the […]

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Where is Abdel Basset Sarout?

The silence of Basset stirs many rumors. He was a star in Syria as the national soccer team’s goalkeeper, and were he to have fled Syria like four million others since 2011, peace and good fortune would characterize his life. He might have been in the World Cup by joining a different nation’s team, becoming […]

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Goalkeeper of the Syrian Civil War

Abdel Basset Sarout joined the Syrian resistance against the regime of Bashar al-Assad through public appearance at protest rallies in Homs, June 2011, when military crackdowns on public demonstrations became increasingly violent. He became the icon of the resitance in Homs, where he lived and worked as a goalkeeper for the Syrian national soccer team […]