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Daniel Sheehan Unmasks the Shadow Government

In this recording, transferred from an audio cassette copy, a forgotten about legal firm named the Christic Institute tries to “unmask the shadow government.” Daniel Sheehan provides revelations toward the end of more than ten years of service investigating the covert operations of George Bush, Richard Nixon, and the CIA. He discusses the events that led to the involvement of American forces in Vietnam, Iran, and Iraq. The talk occurred on┬áMay 23, 1991 and is more focused on the events of Operation Desert Storm.

Sheehan discusses provocative actions by Kuwait, leading to aggression from Saddam Hussein, therefore provoking George Bush to defend Kuwait. He discusses the Iran-Contra Affair. The Christic Institute had unveiled and uncovered covert wars, drugs and arms trades in Nicaragua, and by 1986, the news was out. The talk discusses ties between Nixon and Bush, their covert operations going as far back as the nineteen fifties. At the end, Mr. Sheehan endorses the idea of recalling and voting for new Congressmen and impeaching George Bush.

If you are interested in what is happening in Baghdad right now, as ISIS encroaches the capitol, you might consider that perhaps the blow back from Bush Jr.’s Iraq war was also blow back from Bush Sr.’s wars that were even blow back from Nixon’s wars. I’ll just say that this talk gives a sense of reflection upon what has been a long and treacherous road for America and has no clear direction out.

Sean Ongley

By Sean Ongley

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