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D. Todd Dickerson Signing in to T:BA 2013

Greetings to the InterArts community, and whomever else may run across these words.

My name’s D. Todd Dickerson, and I’ll be helping cover events at the 2013 Time-Based Art Festival. I’ve been an occasional T:BA attendant for years now, so it should be interesting approaching with a more critical lens. Look forward to musings and mutterings about contemporary art, likely focusing on the culture and community it is created and consumed in.

–D. Todd Dickerson is a sound artist, event planner, ritual performer, anthropologist, gardner, and storyteller in Portland Oregon. He a member of the secretive Wazoo brotherhood, who maintain the free jazz flame/frequencies in their residential monastery– the Alice Coltrane Memorial Colosseum.

Todd Dickerson

By Todd Dickerson

D. Todd Dickerson is an unpaid librarian, event planner, anthropologist, noise musician, and psychogeographer in Portland Or. He believes art and fashion should be harnessed as sorcerous technology for the advancement of humanity.

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