Horizon at End Times

Emma Gohlke | Episode 12

A candid chat with visual artist Emma Gohlke whom relocated to Tucson just months before this interview, recorded December 30th, 2013. This was my last night in Tucson for a long time, in the midst of preparing for a trip back to Portland. I spent almost a month getting to know Emma in this time. She has an impressive insight and strong manner in dealing with challenges. This episode deals largely with the challenge of clinical depression. Her honesty illuminates the subject and anyone with depression in their family should hear this. To learn more about Emma, please visit

Sean Ongley

By Sean Ongley

Co-Founder of THRU Media. A background in non-profit, music, and radio preceded my ambitions here. Now, I aspire to produce new media and publish independent journalism at this site and beyond.

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