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Spooky electro artist Lota released the Amarantia EP last month on Pakapi Records

The haunting introduction may lead you to believe that a droning synth-noise album is in store. As soon as you settle into that, the feeling changes. A beat drops and rhythms push out of that darkness. Psychoactive rain showers from sideways planes, moistening the soil that you’re standing in. Your muddy boots hold firm in the ground, while the rest of your body tries to dance.

Amarantia is the eighth EP published by Pakapi Records in connection to their Industria Tropical compilation. The idea behind that comp was to fuse early industrial sounds to the tropical roots of South American music — Pakapi is based in Argentina. What survives in Lota’s EP is mostly the industrial flavors.

The lo-fi recording does turn out, on the whole, to be closer to Noise — maybe I’d call it Psych-Electro. There is no sustaining danceable tune. Lota’s style reflects the unifying world of electronic musicians.

The very end of the album, “Ángel Distante” illustrates that global integration with its driving early-electro drum and bass chopped up with hand claps and caverns with pink and white rivers.

You can listen to the EP in full here, but to purchase the music, simply link to the Bandcamp page from the music player.

Sean Ongley

By Sean Ongley

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