Horizon at End Times

Rus Archer Ep.33

Rus Archer returns to Horizon at End Times and we talk about economics and existence as economic humans. Having recently returned from an extensive period of travel, he, like many, face the state of music and being a musician with a different attitude. Perhaps the constant striving of becoming is unnecessary to live a creative life. Constantly questioning one’s motivation means never assuming that one should be anything. From this headspace, we explore being in economics.

Check out Rus’ extensive photo journal at Tumblr, and download his musicĀ Bandcamp.

At 43 minutes, Sean misuses the word “lauded” and would like to amend with “sharply criticized.”

Sean Ongley

By Sean Ongley

Co-Founder of THRU Media. A background in non-profit, music, and radio preceded my ambitions here. Now, I aspire to produce new media and publish independent journalism at this site and beyond.

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