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Satisfactual by Heidi Schwegler and Derek Monypeny

Heidi Schwegler displayed a collection of found objects and photography prints for a show at THRU Gallery in July, calling the show SATISFACTUAL. The reception included a 36-minute sound loop from Derek Monypeny revolving around a brief cut from a televised performance of “Zip-a-Dee-Doo-Dah.” Also on loop was Heidi’s “Grayout” video, showing a mirrored dog, producing the illusion of two dogs devouring one another into a fractal.

Heidi’s talent for working with objects results in taking unremarkable sights and assembling them into remarkable sites. This show was a continuation of her¬†Property series based on photographs depicting damaged and dirty spaces, anomalous, or taken-for-granted sights.

Eleven large prints were posted to the upper floor, and one at the mid-level platform. She also placed a collection of cigarette butt prints along the molding. Shoes of various size and style were fixed to the wall in weird contortions ways, creating a surreal image in the room.

This exhibition closed in August, but our digital gallery offers a glimpse and archive of the show for your interest.

Audio clip

Video clip


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