A Shattered Green Color

What hangs from my eyes as
I look down?
Crystal pendulums spinning
in the sunlight’s rays.

Maybe they spin in fear of something new
being on the other side
by the time it gets back around?

A different environment.

Nothing special,
just a brilliant green
shattered among hazel tinted fragments
pieced together the day I was born.

As if a child were unhappy with his finished
puzzle; too perfect for his life.
It did not match, so he changed it
into the spacey depths of
green pendulums, swinging.

Published by Ben Fowler

I am an ambitious young writer learning the feeling of true personal expression. My poetry is mostly free-verse, touching on some pretty raw topics which some may find sensitive. I am currently attending Linn Benton Community College in Oregon, USA. My dream is to travel around the world gaining inspiration from my surroundings

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