Horizon at End Times

Soup Purse | Episode 4

Todd Dickerson is a well known connection in the Portland Noise circuit, usually performing as Soup Purse, but cut his teeth in The Dendrites and is currently developing new projects. His motivation derives from a lifetime of occult studies and applied witchcraft. Here is someone that is ethically bound in a manner of life consistent with the common American citizen. He pays his taxes, he went to college, he drives a car, he takes care of friends and loves his family. But for some, he might be the antichrist. I find my middle ground with him in the area of supernatural forces and deeply rooted belief systems, esoteric knowledge, and power structures that serve unseen forces that common Americans don’t know much about–especially as it relates to our roots. This was the second interview that I recorded and it contains some noisy artifacts plus a strange approach, in which I am rather awkwardly contending with Shane, someone I invited to be on the mic who refused to be on the mic. The results are not so hilarious. But this interview goes to some deep territory, so it’s a good one! Be happy. Listen carefully.

Sean Ongley

By Sean Ongley

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