Horizon at End Times

Linda Hagood – Episode 30

Join Linda Hagood for not just another Horizon at End Times, but the 30th. Her visit to Portland included a chat with me the day after performing at the Quiet Music Festival. She provides insight into the nature of love, energy, and our responsibility to be responsive to it. In my intro, I discuss the […]

Festival Music Photography

Photo Set: Quiet Music Festival

The 5th Annual Quiet Music Festival came and went quietly, but not unnoticed. Things grew; audience attendance doubled from 2014, according to photographic memory (see last year’s review linked below), and the stage was much larger while seating appeared to expand as well. More people absorbed every pillow and rug to fill rows of seats […]

Festival Music

It’s Oh So Quiet

Portland’s best kept secret this Friday and Saturday night is probably Quiet Music Festival. It boasts some heavyweight music headliners for two nights in a supremely intimate venue, at a price on the cheap. It even gets good press, but maybe only 50 people will be in the room at a given time, and a […]