Live Music

Poppet, Live 06/21/14

Poppet is the music of recording artist, Molly Raney. Performing live and solo at Portland’s Alhambra Theater on June 21st, 2014, Poppet offers two songs not yet appearing on any records out now or forthcoming. The songs, “Forged in Data” and “Humans: Flawed!” express the existential crisis of being-data with the underpinning problem of resisting […]

Audio Live Music

Pregnant, Live in Portland 06/20/14

The first in an effort toward many, please enjoy this live recording. Our mission to progress the purpose of online media and journalism, we not only review work but create content. The electronic music band known as Pregnant was recorded live and mastered by Horizon Times for you. They provide a fluid performance with a range of […]

Music Profile

Pregnant and Loving It

Daniel Trudeau is a widely published unknown artist under the moniker Pregnant. He has a catalog of original music releases, a nice collection of videos, but nobody has signed him exclusively. Start-up indie labels and online magazines look for him for a cool product because they recognize certain appeals. Pregnant is a west coast  electronic, lo-fi, […]