Ready, A.I.M., Don’t Shoot

Kyle Abraham brings Black Lives Matter to the center stage in a provocative performance on racial violence. I’m sitting in front of my computer screen, hunched and tired and frustrated. I’m re-watching the brutal video of the death of Eric Garner for the first time since the video came to light and tears are streaming down my face. […]

America Opinion

Anti-Political Correctness is the New Southern Strategy

At the Beaverton Transit Center, I sat on a bench alongside two Hispanic women and their spunky kindergarten-aged daughter. Sitting between us was a wizened, portly old man with white five-o’clock-shadow. He was dressed in dark and simple clothing, passively alternating his gaze between his Big Mac and his Walkman CD player. Suddenly the small […]


Belonging to Nowhere

Reflections of Asian life in the west are cast in The Theory of Everything. In the play by Prince Gomolvilas, a group of friends and family hang out on the rooftop of The Love Chapel, one of those Las Vegas shotgun wedding halls, scouting for UFOs. Performed by Theatre Diaspora, Portland’s pan-Asian theatre ensemble, the story is […]