Talentless White Lady

New Download at Union Pole via Butte County Free Music Society.

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Media Cover

I’m in a band just like Bren’t Lewiis Ensemble, so watching Talentless White Lady (the Video pt 3] felt familiar. Some old freaks sitting around an apartment making low-level noise — six-pack of beer on the table, chips, and miscellaneous musical and atonal instruments strewn about. The sound that springs from this can be described as crunchy, wavy, strenuous, floaty, out-there, fragmented, complete, noisy, or weird. But you cannot call it melodic, harmonic, or even rhythmic, although you will discover all of those things in it, if you listen closely.

Let loose such nerds on video editing software with a handheld camera and you get something that is indeed a home movie of another jam imprinted with all the random thoughts in the air, in that room, that day, for download for a buck.

Those like me who are in these bands can appreciate them — as do I have a certain love for these dudes. I could hang out with them and smoke more pot than I should and make all the noise I could. Those who can’t brave the sonic abyss, who don’t have moon boots on their feet, cannot appreciate this, but they can at least be fascinated.

Sean Ongley

By Sean Ongley

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