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Experience Is King

A Virtual Reality Panel Demonstrates the Power and Imminent Reign Of A New Medium

Last month at Design Week Portland, Connective DX, a digital experience design company, hosted a panel on Virtual Reality. If virtual reality is still a phrase that you’ve yet to define, I don’t think you’re alone exactly. But, according to Connective DX and the panel made up of a VR designer, technologist, and 360-degree videographer, this is the time to start paying attention, as “2016 is poised to usher in a new era of virtual reality (VR) technologies and opportunities for expression and communication.”

The panel served as a primer for new users, and offered VR experiences right there as people tried on the goggles. A quick search of “VR Goggles” surprised me as to how many options came up: various headsets, gear, and something called Oculus VR — a whole new world! Videographer Forrest Brennan captured footage of the night and produced a short briefer on the forthcoming phenomenon. Take a look and see what people forecast as the new medium to “capture human experience” and “create a new renaissance.”

Forward by Kathleen Dolan

2 replies on “Experience Is King”

Nicely captured Forrest!

I wouldn’t have thought you could capture such a broad, wide ranging discussion in just a few moments, but this is great! Thanks for joining us for Design Week Portland!

Good video… !

“The idea of Virtual Reality is to transport yourself somewhere else”.

Escaping ourselves…. Humans have always done this, seeking to maximize our pleasure. This is like that 2.0. Maybe even 4.0. We don’t like reality. VR is the only escape from the physical toll technology is doing to our body now. I WANT TO BE DATA ALREADY!!!!!

Though I will say VR will create awesome new mediums. Like imagine full scaled visual albums where the listener immerses themselves in a musical, interactive environment — more than just a video.

Excited to see more Thru Video though!

Is THRU VR coming? Who knows!!

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