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World Wide Wall Soundtrack

Download music from our new documentary for free.

Community media is a far and wide diverse scene. The Free Music Archive is a place that represents that scene, as the music available for stream and free download there was curated by 109 independent radio stations and their DJ’s, crossing all borders.

We, at THRU Media, are just another group of idealistic producers seeking a labor of love. The short documentary World Wide Wall was made for free in this spirit. This spirit is the core of Creative Commons Licensing.

Only because the artists and record labels who produced this music released their interest in license fees for non-commercial attribution, we at THRU can utilize this great resource for our movie. We owe them our gratitude. I wanted to offer the soundtrack as a free download right here as well. Just select “download mix” on the player above.

This film, by the way, was a wonderful experience, not only in working with my team but also in pushing my skill set to this new level. I see how this is rough around the edges, but it demonstrates what we can do creatively. Also getting to discover and work with this music was a joy. I love what these songs do to silent moving images.

To watch the film, use the link below (here).

Sean Ongley

By Sean Ongley

Co-Founder of THRU Media. A background in non-profit, music, and radio preceded my ambitions here. Now, I aspire to produce new media and publish independent journalism at this site and beyond.

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