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Viral ABC News story turns out to be a hoax as Belgium judge acquits the scandalous religion.

Thousands if not millions of people today celebrated that Scientology had been dissolved as a tax-exempt religious corporation by the United States Supreme Court, as reported by ABC News. Only thing was that the story wasn’t coming out through other outlets, but with social media distribution, it doesn’t matter. The people sharing the story had no idea that a twenty-year long Belgium investigation against the controversial religion had evaporated under the gavel of a judge who dismissed the case. Thanks to a fake ABC News post that went viral — I was one of its carriers — the truth was obscured.

Celebration was in my heart, although it felt too good to be true. I am not partial or objective whatsoever in this case, lets make that “clear.” I am a childhood survivor of that organization. My family was subject to and victim of some of those stories that you hear all the time. But if I were to come out and say specifically what happened, I would be defending myself against the legal spinsters for slander and libel and that would mark the end of this magazine. I’m taking a risk with this one little post. My bubble burst, like a volcano filled with hydrogen bombs and the prisoners of a distant galactic civilization. The story was bogus. Everything is an illusion.

As my Facebook post said, too soon, “Ding Dong, the witch is [NOT] dead.”

The actual ABC News breaking story revealed the legal mightiness that is The Church of Scientology. This group of European former-Scientologists who make up the prosecution in Belgium, accuse the religious organization of fraud, unlawful medical practice, extortion and invasion of privacy.

Scientologists have fended off yet another extensive battle with former Scientologists seeking to out the organization of criminal activity. The judge reduced the 20-year investigation to “a religious case and nothing else” while essentially throwing out the evidence. The prosecution will very likely appeal the decision to a higher court.

The strange educational spiritual institution has extensive ties to stories of human trafficking, money laundering, and numerous sociopathic tendencies emanating from its late Founder, L. Ron Hubbard. In 1986, when Hubbard was announced deceased, David Miscavige officially carried on the leadership. For years, as Hubbard became increasingly isolated, Miscavige exacerbated the organization’s worst misgivings while exploding the financial prowess of the mysterious church, according the HBO documentary and non-fiction book entitled Going Clear.

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