Dance of Petals and Other Poems

Dance of Petals

These flowers
coronal quivers of gold
heavy headed they nod
sweeping sway of yellow
dancing white petaled
wild spring meadow
washes over me
bouyant in
a breezy

Birds of Spring

It was soft, a purple shade
lavender, lilac made
of flowers warm, we breathed
deep the inhale, swirling round
sweet the exhale, falling to the ground
reaching deep in soul
the sink, the swallow
birds of spring
songs to fill
the hollows.

To Know A Flower

I looked into the center
into the circles of gradient color
the pollen, sun gold anthers
sepals green, holding close the petals
smooth stemmed, impossible heavy heads
beautifully in rings around trees
the honey sweet blossoming spring
busy with new born bees
that fly in fragrant dream
discovering lilies bright as sun
watching bees become one with flowers.


Mossy, forest floor
orchids sweetly sprinkled
tread ever softly
your feet of
lady slippers

By CA Guilfoyle

Author of short stories and poetry, with work published on a variety of blogs and writing websites. When not staring at the sunlight through forest vine maples or looking at the intricacies of a cactus flower, she is pondering such things.

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