Astronaut Austin

Astronaut Austin was in over his head.

He didn’t quite know it at the time, as his ethereal and cosmological voyage was just beginning, but to see this fresh-faced, possibly-pretentious young man consciously enter a reality where it would unknowingly but unapologetically question any and all realities, it was frankly heartbreaking and even a bit stomach-churning, to say the least.

Being an intensely perceptive and intelligent child with the added bonus of awareness of this fact, Astronaut Austin felt confident in his belief that “he could handle this journey” of eventual mammoth proportions, even if this confidence was as illusory as the very dimension he was about to enter. Also, little did he know that his finely tuned sense of logistics were to do him no good; any form of rational and logical forces that work undeniably well in this reality were nowhere to be found in this one.

What laid before him was an outrageously alluring yet dangerously unmarked celestial territory that screamed exploration but echoed back a void louder than white noise. The young Rocketeer was about to embark on a series of experiences and emotions that were mind-blowingly contradictory, and this was only considered by Austin to a mere extent. Nevertheless, he had made his decisions and had either naively or courageously accepted any and all consequences.

So, regardless of who or what was being said to him, Austin trodded onward into the unexplored abyss that lay before him, and there’s something admirable within that.

Or complete pity for the stupid, stupid kid.

By Estevan Munoz

I joined Thru Magazine as a writer in January of 2015. I was born on July 1st 1995. I am from New Mexico. Writing, acting, visual arts, and rapping are my creative outlets. I am learning to cook, and have found chicken to be the easiest, tastiest, and cheapest for my skill set, time, and financial reality at the moment.

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