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“Hot Head” Melts the Genre

“Hot Head” Melts the Genre

It’s an exciting time to be a Death Grips fan. Just under a year after the release of their avant-thrashing, cyber-punk double album The Powers That B, the infamous trio have announced a [See More]

What is Love.

What is Love is a short experimental video, aural-optical excursion into several anonymous figures’ thoughts on the grand topic of Love. Please enjoy this token of appreciation for the people in our lives [See More]

A Bizarre Holiday

The Cinema Project screened two hyper-hypnotic and abstract films last weekend — the aural-optical dreamy kaleidoscopic Chumlum and the similarly psychedelic, dissociating yet relatively graspable Christmas on Earth. It was an off-beat celebration of the [See More]

Smooth and Jazzy Sonics

Smooth and Jazzy Sonics

Photo Credit: Amani Wade Listening to Swap Meet Vol. 2, released this month on Proximal Records. For a mixtape described as the result of “sketches, procrastinations, accidents and lazy afternoons,” by producers Wake and [See More]

Ominous Om´s and Hellish Horseheads

You know you’ve found yourself at an absurdly deranged theater show when during the performance you begin silently scribbling to yourself the following;                     [See More]

Waiting for, well, Whatever You Want to Be…

Death comes to us all. Tragically, for some, that dreaded expiration date is sooner than later. However low this indefatigable cloud of doom hangs over our life journey is irrelevant because there [See More]

Astronaut Austin

Astronaut Austin was in over his head. He didn’t quite know it at the time, as his ethereal and cosmological voyage was just beginning, but to see this fresh-faced, possibly-pretentious young man [See More]

Reflections of Donovan M. Smith

Young creative entrepreneur talks about his provocative clothing line and his hometown of Portland. The first time I met Donovan Mickey Smith was on a late-night Tri-Met city bus heading north to [See More]

Obsession with The Master

How I discovered film and its American guru. My first exposure to the films of Paul Thomas Anderson occurred when I was in 7th grade, although I did not actually see one. It [See More]