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Celebrating National Poetry Month, Thru Magazine will publish poems every Friday in April. Commencing the commemoration of the  is Jen Scholten. Prerequithoughts: an ongoing, ever-expanding collection of poems. I. Pipe dreams — [See More]


ILLUSTRATION AND  POEM  BY JEN SCHOLTEN Surf & water can as water can’t alone; film a languid layer on this tired white bone under lying milkskin, overgrown and riddled with existence. Reminisce [See More]

Chamber of Secrets

it’s really hard :: Alembic Artists Showcase It’s the same damp walk every time to Performance Works NW. I’ve only attended three performances here and yet somehow it rained each time. Maybe it’s [See More]


Illustration and short story by Jen Scholten I fell into a pool when I was young, as I fell into so many bodies of water in my youth. I was born on [See More]

Beneath All of the Layers, More Layers

Dear Armen is   a theatre of selves told through dance It is obscure and difficult researching the life and work of Armen Ohanian, an Armenian performer, and of Sophia Pirboudaghian (Armen’s birth [See More]

The Mirror is Sebastião Salgado

I have seen nothing in my years on this planet. Not a thing. Of course, you realize this is not a revelation and that I’m speaking figuratively as we know I’ve not [See More]

T:BA:15 as it Happened to Jen

Holcombe Waller: Requiem Mass: LGBT/Working Title  Go to Holcombe Waller: Requiem Mass: LGBT/Working Title alone or with someone you could sit with for hours in silence without giving a second thought to. Arrive [See More]

Post5 to Grow Onward Post Boice

Just as a single year of our lives can pose unlimited opportunities for change, Post5 Theater has faced its own since its conception four years ago. At its dawn in 2011, it [See More]