Worst Monday Ever

Portland Experimental Theater Ensemble pushes the manila envelope in Procedures for Saying No. While the Portland Experimental Theater Ensemble (PETE) brings a good amount of anarchy to any topic, it’s clearly carried out with an extra degree of relish here, as they set their sights on workplace manners. Smart-casual clothing is abandoned along with all […]

Dance Interdisciplinary

Found in Time

Linda Austin is “a head of time” in new, ongoing work. Don’t think too much. About the past, or what the bundles of colorful extension cords on the floor mean, or how flexible you’ll be at age 62. Don’t ask if you’ll even make it to 62. At “A head of time” you’ll be transported into another’s […]

Festival Interdisciplinary

Chamber of Secrets

it’s really hard :: Alembic Artists Showcase It’s the same damp walk every time to Performance Works NW. I’ve only attended three performances here and yet somehow it rained each time. Maybe it’s just Portland. I underestimated the conjugated reputation this town has with dreary weather — it’s not all gossip, but it’s lighter than that. The […]


We Are All Going to Die

Robert Tyree transforms the dance studio room into a circus-like kids’ classroom or gym, navigating the obstacle course of a fitness routine. This is what it appears like at first. He is dressed the part, in short blue gym shorts and a red tank-top. His blond hair is combed neatly to one side. He is tall […]

Festival Photography

Photo Set: Improvisation Summit of Portland

Ambit was on the scene for almost all of Creative Music Guild’s annual festival, which brings improvised dance and music together through collaborative performance. Images of the event are special, in that they represent an immediate experience, one that cannot necessarily be replicated. Photography captures the moment which is completely fleeting, and in improvisation, the moment […]