“Hot Head” Melts the Genre

Photo by Amy Ray

It’s an exciting time to be a Death Grips fan. Just under a year after the release of their avant-thrashing, cyber-punk double album The Powers That B, the infamous trio have announced a new album in the works titled, Bottomless Pit and just shared “Hot Head,” the fiery new song expected to be on this album.

What are your thoughts? Intolerable? Hilarious? Mesmerizing?

Death Grips have been polarizing from the very start. If you don’t immediately connect with the music, repeated listens are necessary to appreciate or just understand what they bring to the table. “Hot Head” is no different. It is a violent fusion of Glitch, Punk/Metal, Electronic, and Rap. It’s a further extension of what they have done before, yet it still manages to stand out as one of their most aesthetically dissonant and exciting songs yet. The instrumental is dense, apocalyptic, and disorienting, and the sheer knee-jerk reaction to this mountain of seemingly literal noise calms down with repeated listens. It is well-crafted chaos with insanely skilled percussion anchoring the song and vocals. It’s more committed to capturing the intensity than it is to being intelligible.

I’d advise giving this a handful of listens to give it a fair shot. If you don’t like it, so be it, but at least you’ll catch a small glimpse of sounds from an intriguing band that was spawned, fostered, and amplified by this strange Internet Age.

By Estevan Munoz

I joined Thru Magazine as a writer in January of 2015. I was born on July 1st 1995. I am from New Mexico. Writing, acting, visual arts, and rapping are my creative outlets. I am learning to cook, and have found chicken to be the easiest, tastiest, and cheapest for my skill set, time, and financial reality at the moment.

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