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Este Does Not Make TV

Este Does Not Make a Movie premieres in Portland on January 20th at Clinton Street Theatre. Estevan and Nicholas Munoz join Sean Ongley for a look inside the reflection of the selves [See More]

Who Is She?

“Alien She” exhibits the Riot Grrrl movement though art and identity creation. Forward by Kathleen Dolan The lyrics of the song “Alien She” by Bikini Kill go like this: She is me [See More]

Photo Set: Bernie Sanders Rallies

Forward by Jen Scholten Portland’s rally last Sunday, August 9th drew together thousands of increasingly conscious minds — nearly 30,000 to be precise. The overall volume of physical bodies and voices was [See More]

The Popular Underdog

One week ago, on August 9th, Bernie Sanders lured almost 30,000 people to Portland’s Moda Center, including the overflow exceeding capacity with 20,000 packed inside, making headlines as the largest crowd in any candidate’s election [See More]

What is Erotic?

Women talking Sex: A Collaborative Take on Eleanor O’Brien’s What is Erotic? “What is Erotic to you?” was posed to the audience in a closing song and dance number at a performance of [See More]