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I’d Rather Not Talk About It

Holland Andrews and Chris Johnedis in an Improvised Concert Film The experimental drum and vocal duo, called I’d Rather Not Talk About It, closed out the 2016 Improvisation Summit of Portland, last [See More]

The Staying Power of Peter Brötzmann

One of Europe’s best known free jazz players mesmerizes old fans in Portland. Peter Brötzmann’s Quartet took the stage at Mississippi Studios last Thursday night in silence, setting a powerful tone of what [See More]

From Island to Ocean to Ocean

Japan Noise Tour Kicks Off in North Portland The term “noise” might be derogatory in some cases, implying uninvited sound. But there is another view which contends that all sound, invited or [See More]

Dancing Fingertips of Joëlle Léandre

Joëlle Léandre rips it. She leans in to the double bass with eyes sealed shut to block out all but tactile and audible information. It is self-imposed sensory deprivation because improvising is difficult—making [See More]

Movement is the Summit of Improvisation

This year’s Improvisation Summit of Portland, produced by the Creative Music Guild, happened to fall on one of the busiest weekends of the year, marking the beginning of that marvelous summer season [See More]