Black Friday


By Anonymous

“Black Friday” depicts the contributor’s alternative view of Black Friday, the day popularly recognized as the unofficial kick-off to holiday shopping. Discounts abound, scenes in malls across America resemble near chaos as shoppers get caught up in the consumer craze. In recent years, the aggression between shoppers has made headlines as well as the soaring record sales by big box stores and retailers. This image is a timely submission as protesters attended stores in cities from coast to coast this year for the Black Friday event, just a few days after the Grand Jury’s decision in the Michael Brown case, equipped with a message to the public which asked people to boycott Black Friday. It brings up the larger, peripheral issues that are being exposed as a result of the tragedy in Ferguson, the social, political and economic attitudes and conditions in America, and pulls them closer to the center where they belong in order to be fully acknowledged as undeniable factors in the circumstances of events like Ferguson. These matters are integral to the discussion of how to move forward.

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