The Chronology of Color

Qasim Naqvi’s musical response to the art of Pippo Lionni I received my copy of Chronology several months back. Composer Qasim Naqvi had asked me to review his forthcoming album before the experimental/electronic [See More]

How to Serve Those Who Are Serving

Prison Obscura exhibit at Newspace sees the need for humanity to revise Justice. Around 8 p.m. on the Sunday before last, I pulled my bike to the side of Interstate Avenue and [See More]

Inside the Red Doors

The 5th Annual Oak Street Art Show offers celebration and a much-needed dose of inspiration for one young man. It was sometime in the winter of 2013 that I found myself caught in a [See More]

Fit to Outlast

The idea that everything is impermanent lasts in the group art show at PICA, The Lasting Concept. The first piece of The Lasting Concept exhibit at PICA’s headquarters downtown is Bill Hayden’s and [See More]

Local Tide

Local Tide is charged  by the memory of the physical being  brought to you digitally. I am staying at a sublet and there is no wi-fi. There is no television. I sit [See More]

Who Is She?

“Alien She” exhibits the Riot Grrrl movement though art and identity creation. Forward by Kathleen Dolan The lyrics of the song “Alien She” by Bikini Kill go like this: She is me [See More]

Visual Crossroads of Tucson

All images by Kathleen Dolan and Sean Ongley On Thanksgiving Eve it was a cool and cloudy afternoon shared with Kathleen Dolan as we ventured out from my parents’ home in Tuscon, AZ [See More]

Yellowism Ain’t Merely Bullshit

I heard about the Rothko controversy a while back and decided to have a look at what seemed like a hyper-intellectual form of graffiti: Yellowism. It happened right after I moved in [See More]