Yellowism Ain’t Merely Bullshit

I heard about the Rothko controversy a while back and decided to have a look at what seemed like a hyper-intellectual form of graffiti: Yellowism. It happened right after I moved in [See More]

From Dirty Lenny to Louis: Pryor Trends

I’m always ready to give credit to Lenny Bruce for contemporary trends in stand up comedy, alongside friends Mort Sahl, Jonathan Winters and the other “sick” comics, to whom we owe our concept [See More]

You Are Responsible

We live together in a time of unique volatility. It seems this is the first time in history we have advanced technologically to the extent that we have the capacity to wipe [See More]

The Race to Obamney

Is there any aspect of this race for President that really demonstrates we’re about to see a big change in our country? If President Obama is reelected or Mitt Romney gains the [See More]

American Family Values

Today, my Father was fired from is thirteen year position as Claims Adjuster for American Family Insurance, based in Phoenix, AZ. He has twenty-three years experience in claims. He even managed a [See More]