Horizon at End Times

Jeff Simmons – HET Ep.31

Jeff Simmons, community radio guru, and myself, chat in freeform and celebrate the end of marijuana prohibition in Oregon. Candid talk and open curiosity elevate us into orbits around bits of the life and mind of Jeff. Jeff’s current radio project is FreeForm Portland, and you can listen at

Marijuana Political Economy

Weeding the People is Tricky Business

Oregon’s first legal cannabis trade show exemplified the frustrations of regulated freedom. Weed The People was an overwhelming success. In fact and in literal terms, overwhelming indeed and financially successful too. Perhaps the term “beautiful disaster” popularly coined by the mainstream stoner rock band, 311, would be more appropriate. Thankfully, Aquarium Drunkard’s music picks didn’t […]


The Synopsis is Not the Synapse

Immediately after my initial encounter with Inherent Vice, the seventh film by widely celebrated auteur Paul Thomas Anderson, the very first sentence I typed for this article was: Paul Thomas Anderson has finally made a bad movie. However, something compelled me to watch it for a second time. Whether this decision to see it again […]