I Want to Be Like Carr

Sincere. Generous. Loyal. Hilarious. Empathetic. That was my friend David Carr. RIP. — Andrew Ross Sorkin (@andrewrsorkin) February 13, 2015 Andrew Ross Sorkin, a colleague of Carr’s at the New York Times, [See More]

Political Prison of The Islamic State

Peshmerga fighters in Syria. Photo by John Moore/Getty Images The writer is beleaguered from studying The Islamic State and the whole geopolitical shit-show of Syria and Iraq. But I am blessed compared [See More]

The Forgotten Case of Kajieme Powell

Michael Brown’s death on August 9th was followed ten days later by the killing of Kajieme Powell, a twenty-five year old African-American male in St. Louis, Missouri. His death was even more [See More]

Deconstructing ISIL (Part 3)

Official White House photo by Pete Souza The Red Line: Intervention in Syria and Iraq On August 21st, 2013, a chemical attack targets a Syrian rebel-held territory near Damascus, with surface rockets containing [See More]

Deconstructing ISIL (Part 2)

The Arab Spring On the seventeenth day of December, 2010, in Tunisia, Mohamed Bouazizi lit himself aflame  after a lifetime of struggle with oppressive police conditions and poverty. Mohamed’s final act of life [See More]

Deconstructing ISIL (Part 1)

The New Face of War News about “The Islamic State” has been circulating widely since August 2014, when President Obama ordered a prolonged campaign of airstrikes in Iraq. The average news reader [See More]


How Conservatives Put Half a Million Non-Profits Out of Business John Boehner’s legacy will amount largely as being President Obama’s toughest adversary. The looming threat of John Boehner’s time bomb haunts the [See More]

From Dirty Lenny to Louis: Pryor Trends

I’m always ready to give credit to Lenny Bruce for contemporary trends in stand up comedy, alongside friends Mort Sahl, Jonathan Winters and the other “sick” comics, to whom we owe our concept [See More]