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A Tourist’s Point of View

The visual diaries of Wim Wenders concludes “Portraits Along the Road.” Concluding Northwest Film Center’s Wim Wenders retrospective are some of the German director’s far lesser-known works, many of which are documentaries. I [See More]

Now Begins a Long Time of Loneliness

“The Left-Handed Woman” is an unlonely story of being alone. In a scene from the opening ten minutes of Peter Handke’s “The Left-Handed Woman,” Marianne picks up her husband, Bruno at the [See More]

Powerless Towns in Fukushima

Nuclear Nation II is a Window into the Lives at Ground Zero. Futaba, a small coastal city in the Fukushima Prefecture of Japan, is where the TEPCO Daiichi nuclear power site failed, [See More]

Doctors on the Edge of Syria

50 Feet From Syria at the heart of civil war In April of 2011, the Syrian Civil War began after months of peaceful protest against the Assad Family and the dictatorship of his [See More]

The Mirror is Sebastião Salgado

I have seen nothing in my years on this planet. Not a thing. Of course, you realize this is not a revelation and that I’m speaking figuratively as we know I’ve not [See More]

Phantom Parents

Jenny Scholten reviews Mothering Inside, a documentary film about incarcerated motherhood. When we consider prison, we imagine with dread an abysmal nothingness that is the partial fulfillment of basic needs and not much else. [See More]

Obsession with The Master

How I discovered film and its American guru. My first exposure to the films of Paul Thomas Anderson occurred when I was in 7th grade, although I did not actually see one. It [See More]

The Sleepy Soldier

Ai Wei-Wei is seeding the flowers of revolution in the grounds of justice. He leans back in the chair on the patio under the soft sunlight while his friend fusses around on [See More]