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DJ Anjali & The Incredible Kid – Ep.23

Reluctant to use the term “world music” DJ Anjali and The Kid have traversed the world from their home base in Portland, Oregon, spreading danceable positive vibes like a symbiotic virus. Our conversation for the Horizon At End Times podcast traverses the area of Dead Prez rituals to social justice–perhaps those are interlocked. Please enjoy the discussion.

You can springboard to all their work on Soundcloud from @DJAnjali and @the-incredible-kid.

Intro music by @JetAiress

Sean Ongley

By Sean Ongley

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3 replies on “DJ Anjali & The Incredible Kid – Ep.23”

Thanks so much for having us over for a conversation. I can ignore most of my missteps and exaggerations, but I need to comment on statements I made near the end of the interview. I talked about Indian immigrants coming from a homophobic culture being forced to confront the humanity of the gays and lesbians who attend our parties. I do not mean to imply that America is not a homophobic culture, just that homosexuality is not outright illegal here as it is in India, which is a whole ‘nother level of oppression. I also do not mean to suggest that all the Indian immigrants at our parties are intolerant or heterosexual; not only are we blessed to have South Asian gays and lesbians who come to our party, they are some of our dearest friends. There are no doubt other populations, including white Americans, who come to our parties, who also have to readjust their prejudices based on the undeniable awesomeness of GLBTQ attendees at our events. While we don’t throw exclusively Queer events, we have always wanted everyone to feel comfortable, and have tried to keep from replicating the stereotypical bullshit heterosexist club scene.


The Incredible Kid

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