Hands Up Submit

Urban American Gothic

By Mefore Aday, Pacific City, OR

This is a painting about how common fear and panic are effortlessly inter-weaved into our society. Our common thread in America is fear. We all fear something as human beings, fear of death is common among all of us. But fear of our protectors/rulers is a bit of a different kind of panic. Some of us fear what will happen to us if we DON’T do something to stop these servicemen and women from abusing their power and some of us fear what will happen if we try to DO anything to stop these servicemen and women from abusing their power. Those citizens that are like Michael Brown, those citizens in Ferguson, Missouri should not have to explain why they are scared and panicked. We all know why they are terrified and those of us on the outside who pretend like those citizens don’t have a good reason to panic should take a long hard look at what kind of civilization that they think we are living in. We are all scared. Who are you scared of? US or Them?

Hands Up Submit

By Hands Up Submit

The creative expression of various authors and artists in response to the new civil rights movement, drawing from the emotional, social, and political currents of the tragedy and protests ensuing from the night of August 9th, 2014. To be included in this collection, please visit

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